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    Default will a GOOD nagarmotha have a petrol note?

    Hi guys, I picked up nagarmotha from Eden Botanicals...
    A very solid/reputable supplier.

    Still, my nagarmotha has, only what I can describe, a "petrol," type note to it.
    Is this petrol-note common to nagarmotha, or do you suspect something happened in the distillation process? An off-note?

    Thanks so much

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    Default Re: will a GOOD nagarmotha have a petrol note?

    My nagarmotha (from Hermitage) has no such note; it's deep, leathery and very sweet, although I have noticed this is very common in heavier rooty and woody oils that have been refined, such as Clearwood, Cedar Heart and some santalols. The nagarmotha sample I got from Eden was lovely, though, no hint of petrol, although that was a couple of years ago.

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    Default Re: will a GOOD nagarmotha have a petrol note?

    My nagarmotha Eo smell like church. Very feminine and dirty aroma like woman bad breath above woody benches. And sweaty woman feet after out from boots in frosty winter day. Very interesting and rich aroma, top note is more sharp vetiveryl acetate and carrot and nutmeg like. Good blend with flowery notes from cool church like breathy aspect. Sisley Soir'd Orient is good example of cypriol based perfume. Woody part ylang ylang is slighty similar especially in Gucci Bamboo ylang and indole smell very breathy, cooling halitosis like similar to church aura of cypriol.

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