Came across J.C. Ellena`s memorization game:

1). write the names of all your materials on separate cards, flash cards.
Each material has its own, unique flash card.
2). write the material descriptions - in detail - on the back of each card
i.e. family, strength, how long it lasts, etc etc...(whatever info you would like to include)

Do NOT smell any materials.
*****Work from your olfactory memory****
3). arrange your material flash card on your desk each morning.
4). you can arrange your scent materials flash cards in terms of: families, strength, sweetness, freshness, how long the scents last etc etc.

5). for each variability you can make an arrangement, there is an INFINITE number of ways to arrange your cards. The MORE connections you can make, the more subtle differences, the more you force yourself to think about materials without actually smelling them... the better

Remember: work purely from your MEMORY.

TINY VIALS GAME - arranging smells WITHOUT names

4). put your materials into tiny, tiny little vials.
5). place numbers on the bottom of these vials.
*These numbers correspond to a separate sheet of paper with the materials name written on it.

6). without looking at the names, or the bottom of the vials arrange these tiny little vials into various grouping...

Very similar to the card game, but opposite, in that you are using your sense of smell ONLY.
You are not given names, rather you are referring purely to the smell without knowing the name of the material straight away.

These 2 games...
If done each day will DRASTICALLY improve your olfactory memory.