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    So I've had this bottle since I was in High School (2004-2008). It's shaped like a Woman's torso and made from a lightly frosted clear glass, and the perfume itself is this pale pink color. I've kept it around because I love the look of the bottle, despite the fact that the perfume is way too powdery for my tastes. But recently I've been curious as to what the perfume actually is (I got it second hand from my Sister back then, and it never had a box), and searching Google has led me exactly nowhere. If this is the wrong spot, I apologize, but I figured the bottle collectors could maybe help me out? There's zero identifying markers on the bottle other than a batch number (19), an MFG month, and an EXP month (the years, if any were stmaped, rubbed off long ago). I've attached pictures below.


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    Intimate Woman by Dainty&Heaps

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    Thank you, hun! That definitely looks like the right one, even if they've changed the packaging since I got it!

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