Hexalon (IFF)
An ionone product having an exceptional rich pineapple quality with natural, oily/waxy undertones.
Green floral woody orris tropical weedy waxy leather.

Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Type: Fruity
Longevity: 84 hours
Note: Middle
Average use: 10%
check IFRA usage
Flavor usage: 4.0000 ppm in the finished product.
CAS # 79-78-7
Flash Point: 212.00 F 100.00 C

I have received this product and I can't understand it's usage, to me it smells like skunky wax but oh so unpleasant, I don't get any fruity notes except for maybe rotting banana peel. I can't even imagine a blend using 10% of this! Also I noticed Dynascone Total Firminich is pretty much the exact same aroma and Dynascone Neat Firminich is just a toned down version. When would you use a material like this and how much?