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    Cool Imbibe The Light of The Rose - A Rose Attar Oil


    everybody knows a thing about attars and roses on base notes. So nothing for me to add here, except!!!! you guessed it.

    Visit and try our my 1st release Noor E Gulab.

    If you like rose, sandalwood and make that mysore and aged. All natural, 100% essential oils ONLY and made by a single pair of hands. Maybe and just maybe this might be the rose you have been searching for ALL YOUR LIFE! ok ok self promotion isn't it! thats exactly that i am doing here .... and last but not least check out these points below. Cheers

    • No Alcohol
    • No Chemicals
    • No Fragrance Oil
    • No Absolutes
    • No Mass Manufacture
    • 100% ALL Natural
    • 100% ALL Essential Oils ONLY
    • 100% No FUNNY Business

    You are reading the 'Shameless Self Promotion' Thread you know ...

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    Default Re: Imbibe The Light of The Rose - A Rose Attar Oil

    What is best way to talk about rose attars, than to write a blog post to about one! come over to my link here and read about the therapeutic properties of rose. Plus there is a cool picture I have made to showcase where rose stands in the alchemic view (at least from my understanding of texts). My rose attar is waiting for you

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