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    Default what's a good scent-free alcohol-based aftershave?

    I'm getting tired of using these coconut oil as an aftershave. Turns out oil can cause burns especially if I stay out in the sun, plus makes my face appear oily.
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    Default Re: what's a good scent-free alcohol-based aftershave?

    My go to scent-free, alcohol-based aftershave is Fine: Snake Bite. No scent, but 5x the menthol than others! It’s a very cooling experience to say the least!

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    Default Re: what's a good scent-free alcohol-based aftershave?

    Make your own? You'll have to experiment a bit with the ratios to find what you like but Thayer's witch-hazel, a few drops of glycerin, and some alcohol and ta-da! Aftershave! I used the same to make aftershave for Zoologist Perfumes Rhinoceros aftershave (There was a soap but no A/S so...) My recipe was 1.5ml of perfume, 2.5oz of Thayer's original witch-hazel, 1 oz. of alcohol, and 4 to 6 drops of glycerin. Loose the perfume and I think would have a nice unscented A/S with some bite! Or add your favorite scent to make a custom A/S! As far as the alcohol goes I used SD-40 perfumers alcohol but a PGA like GEM clear (190 proof) will work great as well, won't have the bitterant compounds in it, and should be easy to find at a local liquor store for 6 or 7 dollars (Shipping on SD-40 will kick your butt!) Good luck my friend!
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    Default Re: what's a good scent-free alcohol-based aftershave?

    Thayers witch hazel + alcohol (original)

    scent free and very kind to the skin

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