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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hey, can you put me down for 20ml of aventus cologne?

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Looks like missed the train on the Aventus Cologne (quick maths) - if I am mistaken and is still scope to get in on 20, or even 10ml, then drop me a message, bud

    My supplies are running low

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Plenty of carriages on the train. All aboard!

    Creed - Aventus Cologne Bottle 3 has been added. Payment requests will be going out on 27/05 and I've already preordered it and will be sharing my impressions here once it lands. Youtube peeps have been trying it at the preview:

    In a nutshell for those that don't want to listen to 12 minutes of waffle:

    • Very bright and loud opening thats heavy on mandarin, bergamot and citrus
    • Great performance
    • Very clean/fresh, not at all smoky
    • Drydown is similar to Aventus For Her
    • Exists in between the mens and womens version but heavier toward the masculine scent. Unisex
    • No ambergris in the drydown but uses sandalwood instead
    • Greenish vibe due to the vetiver which makes it feel grassy/fresh/summery
    • Very versatile

    I suspect they've reused the base from Aventus For Her as that is a sandalwood/ambrox powerhouse that has insane performance with very little olfactory fatigue and tossed in a sprinkle of the elements that give Green Irish Tweed its opening freshness and then finished it off with a few large scoops of fruit. Sounds interesting as it seems to be a hybrid of the two main releases and aside from smelling it on its own merits I'm intrigued to see how it layers with the original.

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Certainly sounds interesting. Still need to get a decent wear out of GiT as wasn't blown away from it from the couple of times I have been tempted to pick up

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    HI there, I've PM'd you. If available can I put my name down for 20ml of the Aventus cologne? Thanks

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Creed Aventus received earlier this week - thank you ��

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hey palm hope you’re well

    Can I order 20ml of princess royal oud and 10 ml of aventus cologne please ?

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi Palm
    Iíll take 20ml of Aventus Cologne Palm. Cheers

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Tried to PM you back but says you’ve “exceeded their stored private messages quota” so won’t let me send it. Everything sounds great so please put my name down for 20ml adventus cologne if still available, cheers

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Sorted now.

    Quick request could everyone please use the thread for any allocation requests, delivery updates, impressions and all general chat so I can keep my inbox free just for the payment messages?

    Its amazing how quickly it gets filled when I'm juggling the splits

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    Default Re: [UK] Guerlain - Ideal Sport, Bvlgari - PH Soir, TF - Black Orchid & TL, Narciso Rodriguez - For

    Any chance of doing splits for Jardin d'amalfi? and price as I know its expensive.



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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Here's a bunch of new picks perfect for the coming sun. JdA is pricey (nearly 3 times the split price at retail) but is the most natural smelling fruity scent you'll ever inhale and is worth a punt if you've never worn it before as its quite moreish and perfect for the heat. The others I haven't tried yet but they got my attention as the Missoni is reputed to take all of the current Bleu trends and do them all better and at once, Loewe is a strong, high quality Aventus clone, MMMs offering is mouthwateringly fresh and the D&G has a really interesting set of notes as I do like the idea of coconut paired with grapefruit:

    Creed - Jardin d’Amalfi 50ml £130/20ml £54/10ml £29
    Top notes: mandarin, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper and petit grain. Heart: cedar, rose and apple. Base: vetiver, white musk and cinnamon. Review:

    An ideal summer scent, JdA opens with a beautiful combination of bergamot and orange that transports you to Amalfi itself. The citrus notes are very natural and refreshing, (makes me wish every summer scent smelled as exquisite as this) and supported by a neroli-rose combination, bringing to mind an exquisite garden right during the onset of spring, with the flowers blooming and freshness all around. Performance wise, I'm happy with the performance I'm getting from this -being a citrus scent, 7 hours is more than enough for me to enjoy. Initial projection is loud, has a good sillage and soon mellows down to a small but lingering scent bubble.
    Missoni - Missoni Pour Homme 20ml £16
    A woody fragrance both fresh and luminous, full of contrasts, a precious scent reflecting the colours of the Mediterranean Sea. Leaves and pulp of Green Lemon and Ginger, together with Pink Pomelo mix the timeless, aromatic notes of Lavande Espic, fruity Pomarose and a light touch of Jasmine Petals. The dry-down contains comforting notes of Sandalwood, as enveloping as a precious Missoni cardigan, with the passionate, sensual and masculine touches of Oakwood, Birch, Patchouli and vibrant Musks. Review:

    This fragrance is being slept on big time! It’s got elements of a few fragrances like BDC,Sauvage and DHC! What’s not to like about that if your a fan of the more mainstream stuff. Performance is great. Lasts a long time and projects like a beast for the first two hours and then quites down but still ever present. I can smell it all day. Crazy versatile and I think it can easily be worn all seasons, any occasion.
    Loewe - Esencia Pour Homme EDP 20ml £32/10ml £18
    The new edition is full of lavender and woody accords; There are vetiver acetate, sandalwood and moss notes blended with tonka bean, cedar and juniper. The fragrance is advertised as a wood-spicy, intended for seductive and elegant men. Review:

    This is not something cheaply copied this is something well refine with excellent execution. New hidden gem.. Smells like a refined aventus.. Yes refined.. Smells similar but better than aventus. Performance and ladies reactions are also better than aventus. Thats the truth try it and see. Projects for 6 hours before softening into a skin scent with slightly less sillage than Aventus. However, it has caught me off guard and has lasted for a week on my clothing.
    MMM - Under The Lemon Tree 20ml £26/10ml £15
    Top notes are lime, petitgrain and cardamom; middle notes are coriander, mate and green tea; base notes are cedar, rock rose and white musk. Review:

    It is not your regular citrus fragrance....lemon and sugar. At first spray yes, but wait and see....the initial burst of citrus is calmed with woods and spices. It is easy to wear, it is fresh and calming and inviting. You may not associate a citrus scent with calmness, but this is what makes this one different. Love it!
    D&G - Light Blue Sun Pour Homme 20ml £20/10ml £13
    Top notes are bergamot, grapefruit, ginger and ozonic notes; middle notes are rosemary, osmanthus, coconut nectar and cedar; base notes are vetiver, vanilla, white musk and oakmoss. Review

    This is such a beautiful gem, I really thought that it smells fantastic but I also thought it was going to be offensive or not so pleasant to other people because it has this delicate sweet citrus smell based on the coconut and vanilla with the grapefruit I must say, but I received a few compliments and I really think it is a fantastic fragrance for sure; having this is such a privilege that finally a great coconut summer fragrance came out and being a long-standing one is a plus; keep up the good work.

    And there we have it folks. A fresh set of new scents to start your summer off proper!

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    10ml of D&G LBS and 10ml of Creed JdA please Palm.

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    20mls of each please mate

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    20ml of the D&G please Palm

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi Palm

    I'll have 20mls of the Lemon Tree, Missoni and D&G please

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi Palm

    Been away on holiday and have come back to my Amouage split. Very nice, thank you!


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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hey Palm,

    If there is any left, I'll take 10ml's of D&G - Light Blue Sun Pour Homme please. No worries if not.

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Many thanks for the Aventus Palm, landed safely today!

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    On future splits, how about something from Thameen? Definitely want to try Carved Oud from them, seems to be an interesting house with plenty of good reviews.

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi pal,

    Can you put me down for 20ml of Aventus Cologne please?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi Palm

    Please could you put me down for 20ml Beach Hut Man, 20ml Cedrat Boise and 2ml of the Zegna Indian Spice if there's any of it left.



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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne


    New here so not sure how it works. I would like 50ml of Green Irish Tweed. Do I have to wait for 4 other people to makeup the 250ml bottle? I assume thats how it works based on the 5 slots on the first page?


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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi palm can you put me down for 20ml of d&g light blue please?

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Price drop on Aventus Cologne to 20ml £43/10ml £24 delivered. Payment requests out.

    They've just confirmed and allocated my preorders (bottles 1 - 3) earlier than expected and told me that delivery is due w/c 01/06. If we fill up another bottle in between now and then they said they'll do their best to ship them all at once but the first 3 are in the bag with a nice little saving compared to retail.

    Flacons are coming between autumn and winter.

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi. Can I have 20ml of creed royal princess oud please.

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Iíll take 10ml of Aventus Cologne please bud.

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    10ml of Aventus Cologne for me please Palm

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Love in White for her arrived today.. I have one very happy wife!

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    Default Re: [UK] Aventus Cologne

    Hi Palm,
    Can you please put me down for 50ml of the Creed - Jardin d’Amalfi.

    Cheers mate.

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