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    Default Gucci aftershave from the late 80s?

    Can anyone help me identify this? It's a 7.5 mL sample that I received in the late 80s. I discovered it in a box that had been at the back of a closet, probably since the late 80s.

    It says "Gucci Aftershave" on the front, and "Gucci registered trademarks Scannon S.A." on the back. I can find NOTHING regarding this online. Thanks.


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    Default Re: Gucci aftershave from the late 80s?

    In my opinion this is the first edition, late 70s Gucci pour Homme.

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    Default Re: Gucci aftershave from the late 80s?

    It looks like vintage Gucci pour Homme 1976 to me.


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