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    Hello, is perfumers' alcohol same as Denatured Ethanol 96%?


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    I believe Perfumer's Alcohol is the denatured 96% alcohol (ethanol) with some additives. Well here in UK anyway. The additives get round the need for HMRC license which is required for denatured 96% alcohol. According to supplier Mistralni, Perfumer's Alcohol is denatured alcohol + isopropyl myristate + monopropylene glycol.

    There's loads of useful info in the Fragrance DIY section here. You post may get moved there anyway.

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    Usually not. Perfumers' alcohol as found on eBay is often 50% ethanol to skirt into the Class 3, Packing Group III classification, as opposed to PG II for higher percentage (and subsequent lower flash points) alcohol mixtures. With perfumes using the 50% iteration, it tends to stay wetter on the skin for longer. I, personally, prefer a higher % ethanol.

    There's also a swathe of different denatured ethanols. Eg. TSDA-1, ethanol and isopropanol only vs CDA (completely denatured ethanol) which is 3L isopropanol, 3L 2-butanone, 1g denatonium benzoate (Bitrex) per 100L of ethanol mixture.

    The addition of isopropyl myristate and monopropylene glycol is to act partially as an 'emulsifier' and partially as a fragrance binder.

    For what it's worth, CDA is fine to use for manufacture of perfumes because of the extent to which its denatured. As far as I'm aware there are no restrictions on use of CDA which is why it's often found 'neat' or cut on eBay as perfumers alcohol.

    There's plenty of reading to be done on the subject!

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    Yes, seems there is a lot to read about it. Unfortunatelly, product in my country doesnt state any of added stuff except that its completely denatured ethanol 96% purity. We do not have perfumers' alcohol to buy here.

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