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    Default I need some help!

    Hello there!

    I'm new to this, I was searching some fragrances and came across basenotes, I had no idea that a community like this existed, and reading some threads, so many of you seem so helpful and informative.

    I am looking for a new signature perfume that I can wear for a few years that really suits my personailty and is sensual. I can be very masculine or very feminine (more masculine than feminine) in things I like, never inbetween. I've always bought perfumes for my own pleasure; I still want to get something that I personally just love, something that nicely goes with me and I am proud of, but I want it to be something that drives a guy crazy. I know some of you believe Santal 33 is so overdone and common, however, it's the last scent I wore for a few years, and then nothing for atleast a year. I'm from Vancouver, and in Vancouver when I started wearing it, it wasn't common and there wasn't too much choice then, maybe still not compared to some cities.

    I'm not sure if this helps, but in my personality, I'm known to be warm and helpful, and also discreet and quiet and to myself sometimes, but not shy. I'm a thinker. Very creative. I love mens fashion, and in my fashion choices can be quite masculine. I love rainy days. I love Tokyo, Chile, New York, San Fransisco and Paris from the places I have had a chance to travel to.

    For scents, I really dislike floral and sweet scents. I find I really enjoy the smell of my leather wallet when there has been a perfume card in it more than the perfume card itself, so I find I gravitate to some leather smells sometimes. I like earthy smells also. Not a smoker but some tobacco smells I really like (although many I can really dislike also). I do want it to be unique or niche scent

    I don't know what else to say. I'm 33 years if that help.

    I really appreciate any suggestions, and please feel free to ask questions. I really need the help!

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    Default Re: I need some help!

    Welcome to you Sharan! Enjoy your time here at Basenotes! Perhaps give Cuir Sacre by Atelier Des Ors a try.
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    Default Re: I need some help!

    Hello Hednic, thank you! I will sure get a sample of that, I just read about it and it seems very interesting! :-)

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    Default Re: I need some help!

    Maybe check out Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.
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    Default Re: I need some help!


    The image of wallet with a perfumed card does indeed recall leathers like Chanel Cuir de Russie or Hermes Cuir d'Ange (edit originally Cuir cannage, which is also fine but is a discontinued Dior). Or you could go a bit stronger on the leather side and do the quirky niche Etat Libre d'Orange Tom of Finland (saffrony leather).

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    Default Re: I need some help!


    I know for a very reputable scent liked by many here would be Moschino Pour Homme, a leather based scent. 100% positive feedback.
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    Default Re: I need some help!

    From my wife’s collection Chanel Coco Noir is on another level just a beautiful perfume perfect fragrance for a woman imo. Mancera Roses Greedy is also a good one great signature fragrance, there is also Montale Roses Musk similar and also very nice. As for Leather others will chime in but haven’t really experienced any woman’s leather fragrances.

    Hopefully your a female haha, going by your name on basenotes and you referring to perfume.

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    Default Re: I need some help!

    Hello Shiny Beast, Cacio, N. Cal Fragrance Reviewer, and Speckmann0706! Thank you for welcoming me and thank you for your suggestions, really greatful for any suggestions. I'm just reading about some of them online, I will head into town tomorrow and try some and order samples of the ones I can't online. Love the suggestions and really looking forward to experiencing the scents in person. And yes, I am female!

    Hope you're all well and enjoying the last day of the week! :-)

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    Default Re: I need some help!

    CH Men
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    Default Re: I need some help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny Beast View Post
    Maybe check out Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.
    +1 This is the only perfume I've ever tried (out of 1000s) that actually smells just like leather and not much else.

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    Default Re: I need some help!

    226-757 W. HASTINGS ST,
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    Best store in Vancouver. They'll help you out.
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