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    Default Having cloudiness issue with my bay rum recipe

    I have been making homemade bay rum aftershave/cologne for several years now. I am fairly pleased with my recipe which makes about 8 oz. of aftershave/cologne that I put in two 4 oz. Boston dispenser bottles. However lately, my final result is coming out cloudy. It smells fine. But the cloudiness of the result disappoints me. It seems to be the result of changing my method to make the concoction.

    I used to just mix ALL the ingredients in a Ball Jar and let the concoction steep for two weeks. Afterward, I filtered it and got a nice amber colored liquid that smelled great. But it was a short lived fragrance. However, I have changed my methods to use more essential oils than I did in the past thinking the fragrance will last longer if I did this in stages. I believed the oils in the mixture clinged to the organic material in the old method and I lost fragrance when straining and filtering.

    Here is the recipe and method I use:

    4 oz. Everclear
    3 oz. Meyers Dark Rum (recently switched to a high alcohol content rum to combat cloudiness)
    1 oz. Witch Hazel
    1 oz. Rosewater
    1/2 Tbsp. Glycerin
    Zest of one whole orange ( I now use 1/2 Tsp. Sweet Orange essential oil)
    2 Tsp. Crushed allspice
    2 Tsp. Crushed clove (I now use 1/2 Tsp. Clove Bud oil)
    2 Sticks of cinnamon
    2 Tsp. West Indian Bay oil (2 Tsp. provides about a 5% ratio of main fragrance oil to the alcohol for an aftershave/cologne product)

    I do it in stages. I mix the crushed allspice, crushed clove or clove bud oil and cinnamon sticks in the 4 oz. of Everclear and let it steep for two weeks. Then I filter the steeped mixture and add all the other ingredients after I mix in the rum. When I add the Bay and Orange oils it clouds up. I can't seem to get it to be clear like I did when I just threw it all in the Ball Jar at one time.

    Is there a way to stop this cloudiness? Is my method bad? Are the ingredients poorly ratioed?

    I guess I could go back to the old method, but it just seems the fragrance does not last as long with that method. BTW, the cloudy mixture still smells good. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Having cloudiness issue with my bay rum recipe

    Too much water.
    Likely the Rose Water is the culprit. Start by leaving that out, and see if that is to blame...
    Check to see how much water is in the witch hazel, too... there might be some there...
    and still, your Rum has water...

    Yes, you can work to make your scent cloud last longer...
    but the inclusion of more essential oils and these spicy molecules may take you into an allergenic reaction territory... Possibly...
    Almost all of the essential oils and naturals of spicy content you are using have become restricted for skin use.
    Your present blend doesn't give you a skin reaction apparently...

    Offhand, I'd keep your formulation kinda where it was, but then add in some spicy molecules that are not allergenic, like methyl diantilis, Eugenyl acetate, isoeugenyl acetate, Cinnamyl acetate, and methyl cinnamic aldehyde in a small dose.
    One of your oils has Methyl Eugenol, which has effectively been banned from use in perfumes, due to it's highly allergenic state. So I would hesitate to actually place MORE into your blend, especially when it really doesn't meet the goal of making the scent last very much longer, anyway.
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    Default Re: Having cloudiness issue with my bay rum recipe

    Thanks for the tips. Will try in the next batch.

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