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    Default What perfume is this?


    A friend of mine found this in her wardrobe the other day and it smells amazing - kind of Thierry mugler-ish (angel)

    It's a woman scent but that's all I know. Does anyone recognize the bottle? This one is a test/sample. Says nothing under the bottle. No logos


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    Default Re: What perfume is this?

    La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

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    Default Re: What perfume is this?

    Looks like a mini of either LVEB original or LVEB L'Eau de Parfum Légère.

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    Default Re: What perfume is this?

    lveb, been testing a lot of the most popular female scents for my wife the last few weeks, and that bottle is distinct. Popular, powerful, and good smelling to most undiscerning noses. Some basenoters seem to not like it for the overpowering cloying nature. And that is unoriginal, and kind of an intense flowerbomb. It is probably my personal favorite so far.

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    Default Re: What perfume is this?

    haha BNers are invincible!!

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