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    Default Expensive Creed Bottle Problem

    Hi all,

    I am here to warn others of the potentially expensive problem with Creed Fragrances bottles. Most of all I am here to encourage everyone to KEEP YOUR RECEIPT for your fragrances; something many of us do not do.

    I am a big fan of Creed Aventus and have bought, or been bought, several bottles over the past five years. Of those bottles, I have had issues with at least three of them. The sprayer has broken in each case, rendering the fragrance un-sprayable. I have managed to get round this in the past by pressing my thumb against the top of the tube to release the liquid. This is not ideal, but at least I was still able to wear the fragrance. However, with the last bottle, the sprayer failure was so catastrophic that it collapsed completely. The result was that the entire bottle which was two-thirds full, emptied into my bag. At Creed prices this was an extremely expensive loss. In addition, the metal emblem that sits on the top of the bottle also fell off a few times. This is an aesthetic problem but it does highlight a quality issue in my view. (See photos)

    John Lewis, who sold me the fragrance, refused to replace the bottle; even with a bank statement which showed the transaction. Orange Square, the distributors of Creed fragrances in the UK, also refused to replace the bottle. They did offer me a 10% discount on another bottle and five 2ml sample bottles. We disagreed on the appropriateness of this offer. It was suggested that I was simply unlucky with regards to my experience. I can only say that I use the fragrance in the same way I assume everyone else does. I do travel quite a bit but the bottle remains protected in a padded wash bag at all times. It was suggested by Lauren from Orange Square that flying can cause issues with fragrance bottles. I have no idea if this is true but I have to assume that travelling with toiletries is not an unreasonable or unusual thing to do. The fact that you can buy fragrances on most flights from the duty free catalogue would also suggest to me that this notion lacks credibility.

    It is worth noting that the online forums are full of similar stories. I also have friends who wear the same fragrance who have experienced similar issues.

    I hope this post will encourage others to keep their receipt. It used to be that a faulty item could be exchanged for a new one without a receipt. Sadly, this policy has now changed across the retail world. Most of all, it is my hope that Creed will redesign the bottle so that the quality matches the quality of the fragrance inside.

    Best wishes to all.

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    Default Re: Expensive Creed Bottle Problem

    Thank you for sharing this. Sorry to hear of your unfortunate dealings with those individuals.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
    Mean spirited, nasty, snide, sarcastic, hateful, and rude individuals on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve my or other Basenoters' acknowledgement or respect.

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    Default Re: Expensive Creed Bottle Problem

    I own several Creed colognes and never experienced this problem. Is it possible that you're depressing the bottom a bit to hard???

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