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    Default Mustardy Oud and Real Sandalwood for cheap?

    So I just got some "oud" from ebay, a place I've ordered before and seems to have legit and cheap essential oils. I know everyone will recommend to not buy oud from ebay, and I would agree but the items from there seem like they are authentic. Their tuberose absolute seemed pretty legit, also their cade oil seems on target, and a few of the others seem funky enough to be real. I ordered sandalwood EO from them, expecting it to be austrailian sandalwood, I was surprised when I smelled it. It is a little creamy, sweet, pretty nutty, and a little funky/earthy, could this be real indian sandalwood, it really seems like it! (3ml for $10?!) I know I sound so gullible, but I would love for someone who knows their stuff to check it out, for some reason I really feel that this sandalwood is real. Really it's worth the risk if anyone else wants to help me validate, its free shipping from india haha.

    Also, again the oud was very mustardy, I think it might be a fake? But has anyone heard of oud smelling like this? I thought I did detect some classic oud smell in there somewhere, but only from far away. Any comments? I know some places sell some fake oils and some real ones, I wouldn't be surprised since its oud, but I know it can have many different varieties, maybe it's some low quality stuff?

    Please someone who can undoubtedly identify indian sandalwood by smell, PM me with your address and I will send you a small sample(in the US). If you like it, I will let you know the source!
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