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    Default Help for skin condition due to shaving incident

    Greetings to everyone, this is my first post here to seek help.

    I have some black/pink holes on the skin above my lip and wish to understand on how to fix this skin condition. The holes appeared years ago after I have to rush to work, and my shaving injured my skin. I have hoped it would fix itself but its been almost 4-5 years.


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    Default Re: Help for skin condition due to shaving incident

    Have you thought about consulting a dermatologist to determine what might be causing it?
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    Default Re: Help for skin condition due to shaving incident

    Seconding hednic. At this point the diagnosis can be done by a dermatologist alone. Not sure insurance would pay for cosmetic consultaion, though, so perhaps you can wait for when you are going to a dermatologist for other reasons, eg to check a mole.

    For instance, when the skin has been irritated, sometimes is produces melanin (ie pigment, like when tanning). So it could be this. But it could be something completely different. Trying random treatments could make things worse, if the treatment is not targeted to the right condition.

    If this bothers you (and I don't see why this should), simply use a spot concealer. The woman in your life (if you have any) can give you suggestions.


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    Default Re: Help for skin condition due to shaving incident

    Thanks Hednic and Cacio, looks like I would have to consult one since this is worst than blackheads. I regret not taking care of my skin when I was younger.

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