Wildlife authorities in India trying to catch a tiger thought to have killed at least nine people say they are considering the use of an unconventional weapon: Calvin Kleinís Obsession cologne.The six-year-old tiger, given the name T1, has been accused of preying on people in Pandharkawada, a town in Maharashtra state.

Rangers have thrown significant resources into their attempts to capture the animal. One of five elephants brought in to try to corral the big cat reportedly went rogue last week and trampled through a nearby village, killing a woman.

Sunil Limaye, a wildlife official involved in the hunt, said his team was still deciding whether to deploy the menís fragrance, but it was an option.

The power of Obsession to lure big cats was first established by experiments at Bronx zoo in New York in 2003. The key ingredient is a synthetic version of the musk secreted by the civet, a small nocturnal mammal whose glandular liquid is prized for its powerful aroma.