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    Default Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Musks

    Is there anyone on here that’s familiar with Abdul Samad Al Qurashi’s musks, specifically the Nepal Tonkin Musk, the Tibet Deer Musk, the Himalaya Deer Musk, the Cashmere and the Sunna Musk? I was also wondering if there might be anyone in the Middle East who might be able to purchase any of these and send it my way, as I’m unable to order off the website? The website is horrible. I don’t understand how such a big company like ASAQ could have so much trouble putting up a decent website? Anyhow, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I didn't say/ask anything that was inappropriate in my previous post? There are 250 views and not a single response which seems strange to me?
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    Default Re: Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Musks

    do not use this site:

    in US use only this site:
    i use to buy all the time from this site and never have any problems shipping was 5 $ and i was receiving my purchase with less than a week with US priority mail that was coming from Southern California, i guess they have some warehouse in California for US sales.
    last time i order few of the what suppose to be pure musk was around 2 years ago and i return it it was very synthetic oil (old musks were amazing) with the only real musk was muskone, i even have a email from their US manager assuring me it was pure musk.
    the musk and oud oils were pure and of very good quality like maybe 10 years ago i think somewhere around 2012-2014 it went bad for the worst, their current Kalakassi oud and musks are total joke compare to what they use to sell back some time ago, since my last experience with them from 2 years ago i will never buy again.
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    Default Re: Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Musks

    What a strange coincidence! I actually came home from Dubai 2 weeks ago and bough two 3g bottles from the ASAQ store in Dubai Mall of that particular Nepal Tonkin Musk even though I thought I would probably need only one. It was actually the only purchase I made after trying several of their most expensive high-end oils, I really like it and can give you a better review in the coming days if you want.

    I haven't decided if I want to part with one bottle though but if I do I can sell it to you for their retail price. Do you have any Ensar oud oils that you would like to swap?

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    Default Re: Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Musks

    Hey qwerty
    Thanks for the response. If you didn’t want to sell a whole bottle i’d be happy to try a ml? Yeah, I’d love to hear your take on how it smells. I don’t understand how a company that big can have such a horrible website? There are so many glitches that I could not even order off the site. And, when I emailed and asked if they had a phone number for their US location, they wouldn’t respond. Anyhow, I don’t have any Ensar oud oils to trade, but like I said, I’d be happy to buy even a ml based on your description of the oil. Did you happen to try any of the other musk oils, like the Tibet, the Sunna, etc.? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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