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    Default Thinking about something...

    I am thinking about making an essential oil cologne but I really have no clue where to start. What I have in mind is a very simple fragrance with loads of peppermint, maby some cypress or fir, with an alcohol carrier to make a spray cogne. Something to wear around December. Is it possible to make something simple like this, that has good longevity and projection with essential oil, or would it be be a much more complicated process than I'm thinking it is?

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    Put 15% of your mixture of essential oils in 85% perfume alcohol. Put it in a sprayer and use it. Tell us what you experience. Yes, it is possible to make something this simple and depending on the essential oils, you will have longevity or not.
    I think what you may find is that it does not meet your expectations. BUT you should try it, and see for yourself.
    Early colognes were just that, essential oils in a carrier oil or an alcohol. However, cologne is "generally" a citrus/herbal mixture which "generally" does not have longevity, simply because most citrus oils do not have longevity.

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    Longevity is dependent upon the materials you use.
    If you need something that lasts a long time, you need to use basenote/lasting essential oils.
    Unfortunately colognes are built in such a way; mostly herbs and citrus materials, that they do NOT last. They are a splash of freshness....meant to clean the skin and smell nice while they do the antiseptic work.

    I could be wrong, but there are few...if any long lasting "fresh," natural materials.
    Litsea Cubeba lasts a good while...and it DOES smell citrusy...
    Also Lavender absolute smells absolutely amazing, and it lasts a little while...
    So too does Fir absolute (which I do not have, but I imagine it smells amazing, fresh and lasts a little while)

    A perfume made from;
    a variety of citrus materials, frankincense, litsea cubeba, lavender absolute, fir absolute...
    This will smell fresh, and it MIGHT last around 40 minuets on the skin... you COULD try this?

    But I just can`t think of too many long lasting fresh, bright natural materials off the top of my head.
    (but I am a beginner, so who knows...theres probably a lot of other materials I haven`t mentioned)

    Why not try making the COUSIN of the aftershaves/colognes? The Fougere?
    (I know someone on this forum may kill me for suggesting such an idea, but I PERSONALLY find fougeres and colognes to be slightly similar)
    Try making a Fougere in place of cologne? Fougeres are still very fresh and bright, while lasting much longer than a simple cologne splash.

    I suggest try making a Brut type fougere...or perhaps a Fougere Royal type scent.
    This is the closest you'll get to an all natural, long lasting "cologne," ISH scent.

    Search this forum for Fougere Royal or a Brut formula. I believe there are a couple... AND
    Just substitute the coumarin with natural Tonka bean absolute
    *Then, you will have an all natural fougere...which I consider a cousin to colognes.

    The above natural fougere should be bright, lasting a fresh. AND made with all natural materials.
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