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    Post The Physiological Effect of Scents?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any books dealing with the historic and scientifically observed physiological effects of scents that may be utilized in perfumery? For example: 1.) According to a perfumist who was giving a lecture to his apprentices in a herb garden (this was in a documentary), clary sage is frequently utilized in mens' colognes because it intimates the scent of fresh/ clean mens' sweat; 2.) a friend recently told me that frangipani (i.e. plumeria) is a "pheromone chameleon that also intensifies and balances all natural scent chemistry with whatever you pair it with; and, 3.) a while back I tried to contact an olfactory institute in Chicago that discovered, for example, the scent of pumpkin pie + lavender is particularly arousing to men (even leading to an increase in penile blood flow!). I politely asked if they would share their study with me for a book I am writing, but they refused, insisting that the author of the study was (if I recall correctly!) more interested in using these results to formulate fragrances that he could sell. That's unfortunate because the research could benefit many! Heck, I am interested in whether or not other folks of a particular sexual orientation find certain scents more attractive than others. I *have* heard, that Gay men find the scent of other Gay men more arousing than the scent of heterosexual men. One question I would like to answer is: Why are certain aromas associated with wealth and financial well-being?

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    "The Psychological Basis of Perfumery" by Paul Jellinek is exactly what you are looking for.

    Interesting thing he says: perfumes omitting men's erogenous components (such as neroli) tend to be used by men exclusively - such things as Portugal water.

    I would think that while he doesn't touch on homosexuality (the book is 60 or so years old though the English version I have is a 1990s re-print) that there is an implication that gay men would act in the opposite to straight men in finding perfumes with men's erogenous components appealing.

    From my own experience as a gay man, I am definitely attracted to scents marketed for women more than scents marketed for men in terms of the pleasure of smelling the scent, but I tend to wear more men's perfumes (Aventus, Terre D'Hermes, Patou Pour Homme, etc). I would be less attracted to a male wearing a feminine fragrance than a men's fragrance.

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    Thanks for that! I'll have to look for a copy! Indeed, as a Gay man, I have often wondered what aromatic components in Calvin Klein's "Euphoria", Paco Rabban's "XS" and "Eternity" for men all make me feel so sexy when I smell them or wear them. BTW, considering the Olfactory Inst. from Chicago (I spoke of them above) discovered that lavender + pumpkin pie is a turn on of men, I would love to try L'Occitan's Eau de Toilette for me, which is lavender, musks, cinnamon and nutmeg! Pity that it's so expensive!

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    Is it just the lavender or with anything or it has to go with the pumpkin pie? And I wonder if just cloves would be sufficient, cloves are very sensual.
    Just FYI - almost all men will follow the scent of bacon and pumpkin pie

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