hello and salam all respected fellow members
i would like to share my thoughts on few oils that i got from perfume house Theperfumist.
Though i started my oud-journey recently, spring of this year and i only have a small collection but i would like to share my impression about different oils i got from Theperfumist house.

I started my journey with ASAQ, then to EnsarOud and finally settling at theperfumist. i see there are so many reviews about both (ensaroud and ASAQ) perfume houses and hardly anything about theperfumist, so i thought why not share my thoughts with fellow enthusiasts.
Before i start, i would like to formally ask to please pardon me, if you are not happy with my impressions as i lack good language skills.

if i may, please

Moroco Flower Oil: this is a (minimum) 60 years old oil thats got a bonanza of flowers in it. it starts strong but only for a little while, after few minutes of wearing the oil starts to settle and then it continues to please till the end. this oil in my opinion is very balanced as initially (blind-buying) i thought it must be very sweet and not a man oil, but thats not the case. it is sweet but very balanced, not too sweet to label it as 'sweet oil' not too strong that one forgets its a flower bonanza. very balanced and pleasing oil. i have labeled it as the most romantic flower oil in my collection. excellent flower oil at absolutely fabulous price, 3ml for 100$ US.

50 years old musk-kastoori oil: my first buy was morocco flower oil and this 50years old musk oil from theperfumist, both blind buy. at that time i made a small collection of oud oils from both EO and ASAQ and one from scent-saleem (150years old kalakassi oud oil and wood). so once i tried this musk-kastoori oil, instantly this oil became my most favorite of all the other oils i got. this kastoori oil is very strong at the first application, as soon as you open the cap of vial - smell just hits the whole room. but again, wait for few minutes and the real magic of this kastoori oil starts to impress you and you continue sniffing where you applied. very strong at the same time so smooth that one hardly feels any strength but its definitely there to make one believe that one is wearing real musk oil, and it remains there till the end. infact smell remains there till the next day and you can even smell tiny hints of musk after shower - if you do not apply new oil to same spot. Of all the oils i acquired, this musk kastoori oil was the gem of my collection, until i got more new oils from same house. and of course it was a steal at 100$/1 gram, given that doesn't even compensate half the century of aging the oil, forget the cost to manufacture and other expenses associated with making.

sultan2 oil: sultan2 is a oud with musk and amber, oil. this oil is a real mystery and magic, both combined. its been mentioned in the description by theperfumist, oud was distilled with rose water (never heard distilling oud with rose water, it was avon water, canadian water, glacier water but never rose water) and musk and amber was added to this oil but to me, this is magic, magic and mystery as i can not even label this oil as sweet or else, as it is both at the same time. it is hard to describe something like sultan2 because after just first application, this oil stole my heart, in first application this oil took place of 50years old musk oil. this oil too was distilled at least half a century back for sultan of ottoman empire and at 700$ for 12ml, i believe this is nothing less than give-away. given someone who has the writing skills, he would have made a whole chapter describing sultan2 oil, yet could not do full justice to sultan 2, given what a beauty this oil is. i have kept this oil for special occasions, though i got plenty of it but even plenty is not enough.

original sultan suleiman the magnificent oil: theperfumist had only 3 OR 5 ML of the original oud oil made for sultan suleiman the magnificent and it was 500$ for 1ML. i got sample of this oil back in march-april (this year) but somehow i never used it, smelled it once in sampler and that it. later i got more of it and i kept it closed, not even smelled it. few days back i decided to treat myself, so i burned some frankincense some oud and then i applied sultan suleiman the magnificent oil from theperfumist. i strongly suspect that hardly anyone would take my words but to me this is the ultimate oud oil i have ever smelled in my life and i believe i am not going to smell anything even close to this oil, ever again. call it magic call it something else, one just can not describe this oil. literally i can not even label it as if it smelled sweet or how to make a resemblance of suleimen oil to any oud i have even smelled, given i did buy few and got few samples, from famous vendors around. i can describe the experience as "i applied suleiman the mag oil, and right from first application till the next day, it only reminded me one thing for sure that I'm wearing same oil, besides every passing hour added something new to this oil. the weather the body heat or gases around me, something was added to its composition to make it smell different with the reminder that you are wearing same oil, just smelled something different with this sniff.
never for once in my life, i have sniffed my arm so many times, as i did when i applied sultan suleiman the magnificent oil, i just could not stop myself. all i wanted was to put my nose next to my arm and close my eyes and let the scent take me wherever it could.
no man could ever describe the experience of wearing sultan suleiman the magnificent.

Pure natural Amber white oil: first of all i never heard of 100% pure natural amber oil, never mind the white amber. maximum i could come across was 'black amber tincture selling for (approx) 800$/3ml. so when theperfumist launched its amber white oil i was really excited to try and explore what this oil means. i heard them saying that 'their customers make resemblance of amber smell to heavens, only'. if i were to describe to someone amber oil, i would have done something similar, as you got to try to appreciate the beauty of nature and the Creator Who made all these natural ingredients and how differently and beautiful each smell. i got Subhan-Allah Ma'sha-Allah and Allah-o-Akbar to appreciate amber white oil. this oil is a century old and it was one of the most expensive distillation in the history, entirely done for sultan-king of empire that stretched from sindh to spain. at 500$/3ml to me its total charity. one can not even just take into account the age factor, aging a oil for whole century and then offering one of the most expensive distillation at 500$/3ml, nothing but charity, and if its not charity this is nothing less than love and passion.

mysore sandal oil: this is 200$/12ml and this is sweet stuff. very beautiful. only after wearing mysore oil, i now understand why its mostly related to prayer and worship. i have been wearing it the whole day and it reminded me of childhood and rare tasbeeh made of mysore sandal wood, both associated to childhood.

thank you all for reading and also i do apologize for non-professional write up and if i have written something that is against forum rules or policies, if thats the case please do advise that i do not repeat same mistake.
since am a simple mature man, so this is pretty much my write up.

(i got some oils via private sale too but not sure if I'm allowed to express my feelings about those oils, as those oils are not made available - yet.)