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    Default [US only] Tauer Les Annees 25 split

    Hi, so I'm hoping to start doing some splits and according to the rules I need to start out with one bottle, so I thought it might be good to give it a go with Tauer's latest, which has received some high praise so far.

    Since this will be my first split, I won't be making any kind of profit. I want to build up some trust.

    If there's enough interest, I'll immediately buy a bottle from Tauer's website, which comes out to $158.54 after shipping to NYC. That comes out to $3.17/ml. I already have some bottles and I'll pay for the labeling supplies so I won't add those as a cost this time, just the shipping which should run around $3-5. As soon as I get the bottle I'll decant, label, and package immediately, within 24 hours. I'm a graphic designer and have created labels for a lot of my own decants as you can see at the very bottom of this post, so I'll make sure these ones look good and match the aesthetic of the bottles. So without further ado:

    Each 10 ml decant will be $31.70 plus postage.

    20ml -reserved for myself-
    10ml available
    10ml available
    10ml available

    Examples of my hand-made labels for some TF's that I did back in the day. I recreated the labels and printed them on gold and silver foil sheets. Examples of a bottle and some of the stickers. For the Tauer, I'll take the design of the front of the bottle and make a large label for it, covering the front and back. Should look pretty nice.
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