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Thread: Face soap

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    Default Face soap

    Been using a Musgo Real soap for the face. I have experienced some dryness around the folds of my nose and then between my eyebrows. So thinking I need a creamier soap, even if that is a bottled face soap. Used to love Floris Rose Geranium soaps as they were creamy and smelled great - think it may have been the tallow that made them that way. Not looking to be uber expensive, but a face soap will last me many months. Primarily using it at night, since the wife has a bottle of hand soap in a pretty decanter on her sink, and then I have the various bath soaps and scrubs in the shower.

    Creaminess and definitely thinking I need moisturizing.

    Suggestions and even links are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Face soap

    Hiya finsfan,

    Hands down the best facial cleanser for sensitive is Cetaphil. Completely non-alkaline, you don't even have to rinse it. Massage about, wipe off, and leave a film of it on overnight and wake up with better skin. It's non-foaming, and highly recommended by dermatologists.

    For some gentle oomph, I love Shiseido's Clarifiying Foam. If $36 for 125ml seems expensive, let me tell you it is not. I can take off a lightly made up face with a pea size amount and feel like I have plenty of foam to pull down for my neck. It's gentle and luxurious, almost like a shaving foam, and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. Not tight.

    I notice that they have a deal going for men's cleansing, which I haven't tried. All their women's products have a very, very light rose/lotus aroma I find to be divine. They offer a men's cleansing foam for daily use, but if you go with Cetaphil you could use this scrub a couple times a week to keep the skin well exfoliated.

    BUT, if I were you, I'd just get this--because I have this and I love it. The scent is very light, pleasant, but fades quickly and never interferes with the SOTD.

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    Default Re: Face soap

    I second the Cetaphil and would add Neutregena to that mix. If you are using this at night, do you put on any lotion/cream after you wash and before bed? Kiehll's makes some good ones.
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    Default Re: Face soap

    Skincare gurus nowadays are against soap on the face, for the reason you say. Rather, as others were saying, dedicated face cleansers that are delicate. Another good one in addition to those mentioned would be Cerave.


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