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    Default JPG Le Male experts chime in please. Help identifying if RJ231 is pre reform.

    Hi there, as title suggests. I need help from the JPG Le Male experts on here to determine if a bottle with RJ231 is pre reformulation. Im pretty familiar with identifying vintage myself (i have 4 bottles from different years), but Ive never gotten a R serial, which I believe to be dated 2009, The question is, is this definitively before the reform? Some say the major one where things went bad with BPI happened in 2009/2010. I usually stayed away from any after 2008 to be safe but I can get a good price on a tester. I know some of the vintage juice had bold white stripes towards the end prereform. Actually, I believe that once the reform hit, it went to fainter stripes again. The seller says its about 3-4 years old, which would mean I don't want it. But the R code suggests otherwise, although I cant be 100% sure.

    Any help would be appreciated. I was going to ask the seller if I can spray it but they wont allow me (local deal off craigslist). Another thing I can do is meet and see if the juice has that green color. Also, whats up with the stamping being all weird and off?

    Pics attached.

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    Default Re: JPG Le Male experts chime in please. Help identifying if RJ231 is pre reform.


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