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    Default Need help with my Beard Hair

    Its my wedding next month and i want my beard to look perfect. Please suggest me some tips to make them look perfect at the day of wedding as i am not thinking about trimming my beard for the perfect day

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    Default Re: Need help with my Beard Hair

    Try this; it shapes the beard nicely without making it too stiff or crunchy. It smells faintly of cinnamon and anise:

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    Default Re: Need help with my Beard Hair

    Isn't that for styling?

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    Default Re: Need help with my Beard Hair

    Thought that's what you're after? If you want something that conditions the hair, you can have a look at the beard oil from the same range.

    How long is your beard?

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    Default Re: Need help with my Beard Hair

    Sorry i forgot about telling that my beard is not that much .. i want tips on growing my beard fast so that i can style is better.

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    Default Re: Need help with my Beard Hair

    I suggest Badger Beard Oil. Apply to clean, dry beard once a day. Also,'pick up a quality beard comb made of wood (pear wood, preferably) and comb down after applying oil. The oil is for the underlying skin, but combing helps distribute evenly through your beard hair.

    In time, you may opt mix your own beard oil due to personal preference and cost. Also, you can add drops of essential oils that you may already have if you mix your own scents or use for aromatherapy/relaxation, etc.

    Congrats on the big day and be sure to give your beard at least 90 days to know your approximate bearding ability.

    You may want to add a boar hair (or similar) brush and some balm once you have some more growth. Both will help you down the road.

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