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    Hello –

    I am new to IFRA and am trying to determine the maximum amount allowable by IFRA in a soap for a particular fragrance. I have a fragrance with the following composition:

    Orange Terpenes (45% of fragrance) – CAS: 8028-48-6
    Citral Synthetic (9.8% of fragrance) – CAS: 5392-40-5
    dipropylene glycol (45% of fragrance) – CAS: 25265-71-8
    BHT (0.2% of fragrance) – CAS: 128-37-0

    I am trying to determine the max safe amount of this fragrance in a bar of soap (IFRA category #9), using the spreadsheet here:

    Looking at Category 9, I see the maximum allowable percentage is 5.00% for Citral Synthetic. I cannot find the other CAS numbers (for Orange Terpenes, Dipropylene Glycol, and BHT) on this spreadsheet, is there another reference to find these?

    Also, is the calculation for this fragrance’s maximum allowable percentage in a soap the following?

    45% * (max allowable % from IFRA for Orange Terpenes) + 9.8% * 5.0% + 45% * (max allowable % from IFRA for dipropylene glycol) + 0.2% * (max allowable % from IFRA for BHT)

    Thank you for your help!

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    IFRA maximums are stated in % in finished product, w/w unless otherwise specified, so to determine the final concentration you multiply your usage %s * concentration of fragrance in the product (typically 2% max in most soap products I've made).

    You usually only sum phototoxic ingredients, and they cannot exceed 100. On each IFRA standard they will tell you the reason why it is restricted.

    Doing a quick TGSC (the good scents company, a fragrance/flavor online database, search and clicking the "Safety in Use" tab, I see Orange Terpenes being limited to 10% in the fragrance concentrate. If you then click on the "View Standard" link it will take you to the IFRA database where you need to click the "+" icon to view the full standard.

    These percents "in fragrance concentrate" are determined based on a maximum 20% fragrance concentrate in the final product, so to determine the actual %w/w limit you multiply 10% * 20%, which comes to 2% w/w (limit in finished product) for perfume (some leave on products are more restricted). Rinse off products will be higher allowable percentages or not even restricted in some cases. For most citruses, there are no restrictions for rinse off products.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. The CAS # you list for Orange Terpenes is associated with Blood Orange oil, not Orange Terpenes, FYI.

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    try this Ifra calculator

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