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    Default Roller bottle plastic and/or nickel leeching into EOs?

    I just received in the mail a pack of roller bottles. I was going to put fractionated coconut oil and EOs in it. The package came with a note that included the following:

    "Long-term use of essential oils can slightly corrode the roller bottle plastic insert. So we suggest you replace the stainless steel roller balls monthly."

    The bottle is glass. The cap that holds the steel roller ball is plastic. Here I was thinking that I could make a "natural" product, and then it dawns on me plastic may be leeching into the product, and onto peoples' skin.

    Also, I read that stainless steel can have anywhere from no nickel to a lot of nickel, depending on the type of stainless steel. I wonder if that can leach into the product as well?

    Any thoughts on this? Maybe the best thing would be for someone to suggest a different type of container I could use for my product that bypasses all these concerns?


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    Default Re: Roller bottle plastic and/or nickel leeching into EOs?

    After searching for some time, the best I can find is a roller bottle with a ball that is made out of glass:
    But even then, the glass ball is still inside a plastic piece.

    Come to think of it, literally every bottle of essential oils I have every purchased has had some plastic in it that could come in contact with the EOs. And I have noticed corrosion of plastic pieces. Maybe I should start a different thread for this, as the real question is: "Does there exist such a thing as a plastic-free container for EO's?"

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    Default Re: Roller bottle plastic and/or nickel leeching into EOs?

    I think the people buying oil perfumes are looking to avoid alcohol, a fractional amount of plastic in things is just part of living, like drinking milk in plastic.
    You can always use glass only and provide a stopper, or do solids, there are way lees solid perfumes available on etsy.
    Your shipping price will be of concern, lots of other things, and make sure your state allows sales of items packaged in your home or you will have to get a separate facility.
    Comply with FDA regulations first, then read California's restricted chemicals, then ifra restrictions on how much to cut back on certain oils that can be toxic if in large doses.
    I would definitely go with solids if I was able to sell anything... there is such a slim market.

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    Default Re: Roller bottle plastic and/or nickel leeching into EOs?

    Thanks, that's a great idea. I'm sold. No corrosion issues. No leaking during shipping. No leaking in peoples purses. No spilling product in your room and gagging. Perhaps also less skin penetration and hence less sensitivity.

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    Default Re: Roller bottle plastic and/or nickel leeching into EOs?

    I wonder if the concentration of the fragrance is substantial enough to interact with the plastic? I know over a long period of time (6-12 months maybe) they eventually will. I think the preferred choice of plastic is HDPE and I assume the majority of these fragrance housing plastics would be of that type... But who knows. If you can source the original supplier you should be able to determine the type of plastic used.

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