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Thread: How to dilute

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    Apologies for the ignorant question. Iím totally new to all of this. I have a very small container of oakmoss absolute and a formula that requires three drops of oakmoss. Since the absolute is almost like a paste, I have to melt it in a double boiler before I can use it. Instead of doing that each time, Iíd like to dissolve some in grain alcohol and use that for my formulae. How do I determine how much oakmoss to put into how much alcohol and then how to I determine how many drops of the formula is the equivalent of three drops of the absolute?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    Default Re: How to dilute

    Buy a scale, and use simple maths.
    I would dilute oak moss at 5% in ethanol. Many do it at 10%, but oak moss is pretty I like it at 5%
    Don`t use drops... measure by weight. It`s more accurate.

    Read this, GREAT info for newbies

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    Thank you for the reply. I did read through that information, but maybe missed the info on diluting. I do have a scale w/ .05 to 200 grams. Problem is, it doesnít register drops. I get that drops arenít a precise measurement. However, if a formula uses 3 drops of oakmoss Abs into 4ml of alcohol, how to I figure out how to dilute it and then how much to use of the diluted oakmoss?

    Also, if making a 10% dilution, would I just measure out 9 grams of alcohol and 1 gram of oakmoss, for instance?

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    Default Re: How to dilute

    Yes 9 grams alcohol to 1g of Oakmoss for a 10%.

    Since you will take the time to heat up your oakmoss to dilute it, you can also take the time to withdraw a dropper of oakmoss, put the bottle back on the scale, zero it out, and weigh three drops going back into your bottle. Then you will have an idea of the weight target to get back to later. Working at 10% makes the calculations easy too.

    Then use the diluted weight calculation going forward.
    All professional perfumery is done by weight.
    It's hard to believe there are formulas published in drops.
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    Default Re: How to dilute

    Thanks for the reply.

    So Iíve been filling 8ml vials with alcohol and then adding EOs by the drop to experiment. If I dilute my EOs to 10%, do I then experiment by adding drops without the alcohol? In other words, instead of filling the vials with alcohol first and then adding pure EO drops, I would leave the vials empty, add 10% diluted EO drops and then when Iím satisfied, fill the remainder of the vial proportionally with the diluted EOs?

    Apologies in advance for such a basic question. I hope it makes sense.

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