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    Default Givanchy Gentleman, are there any fakes arround?

    Maybe you could help me on this one. I have ordered 100 ml of Givenchy Gentleman, reform version with black cap. The price is 25 eur for 100 ml. Is this a fake?

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    Default Re: Givanchy Gentleman, are there any fakes arround?

    Highly doubt it. Not a big seller, which is what would make it a faker target. But either way, it's 100% impossible to tell without pics. By reform version, do you mean the new fruity one, or the reformed old one from before they apparently re-re-released the old one, still ALSO called Gentleman. UGH.

    Either way, lots of designer scents drop to that price range only in a hurry if aren't selling at retailers, which I imagine is the case with Gentleman the Second, so I don't think the price itself is a red flag.
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    Default Re: Givanchy Gentleman, are there any fakes arround?

    Not a really popular target for fakes, so while anything is possible, would doubt it.
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