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Thread: Bitrex odour

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    Question Bitrex odour

    Hey all, first time posting newbie here. I bought some ethanol denatured with Bitrex, but I'm not content with how it smells. Is Bitrex supposed to have a strong odour?

    (+ Where do other Dutch folks buy their Ethanol, 1L for 18euro at Hekserij is too expensive imo)

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    Default Re: Bitrex odour

    Bitrex is bitter to the taste. So you don't drink the alcohol.
    Probably has a very low odor, but I've not smelled it at dilution, and on its own.

    Alcohol purchasing and regulations likely range from country to country.
    Quantity also comes into play. But part of their price also pays for their time to bottle it for you, too.
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