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    Default GQ/Esquire/other men's magazines

    Anyone read these?

    Awhile back I got subscriptions to both magazines.
    I imagined that these were high end magazines for men, that taught you style, culture, and sophistication.

    Anyways, I was pretty disappointed.
    The articles on the actors gracing the covers were just throw away puff pieces to me.
    The articles...they were okay, while some were freaking great.

    But I kind of felt like the sophisticated/cultured part wasn't really there.
    For example, the few times they featured little pages on men's fragrances, it seemed like they only featured the latest mainstream stuff that was coming out.
    I would have though a men's magazine would feature stuff that's not normally pushed by the 19 year old sales associate at Macy's. I feel like those articles or pages were just meant to make their advertisers happy.

    Same goes for fashion.
    They'd give style tips on what to wear, and it'd always be what's current, not taking into account people's age or body types, or whatever.

    What's your opinions on these types of magazines?
    Am I being too harsh? Do you have good memories of them?
    Currently subscribe?

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    Default Re: GQ/Esquire/other men's magazines

    I had the same impression you had. The target, and thus the advertisers that paid for the magazine, weren't really what I was looking for. Not sure in the US, but in Italy we had magazines like Vogue uomo that at least showed nice clothes, though the situation for perfumes was always dire.


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    Default Re: GQ/Esquire/other men's magazines

    I like Fantastic Man, which has connections to Byredo

    What drives me nuts is photos saying 'Shirt £550 Gucci' and it is hidden under a coat!

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    Default Re: GQ/Esquire/other men's magazines

    I have long been a fan of Esquire--sort of a guilty pleasure for me--but recently it seems that it is no longer geared towards someone like me. Much less useful as a source of information. Sadly, really....
    Beer? The kids' new gear?

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    Default Re: GQ/Esquire/other men's magazines

    Used to read them,not anymore. An alternative would be The Rake ,Vogue Homme.

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    Default Re: GQ/Esquire/other men's magazines

    +1 on The Rake

    Been reading it since the beginning years ago, started by a fellow countryman, no less.
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