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Thread: Nag Champa

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    Default Nag Champa

    So, I know this is technically a blend and not a "single note", but I wanted to post some thoughts.

    I've been wearing Sri Sai Baba Nag Champa oil for the last few days to get to know it. Traditionally, nag champa is a mix of champaca and sandalwood, though with the current bans on traditional Indian sandalwood mean that the oil could contain just about anything at this point.

    My little bottle of oil is deliciously complex without being muddied. It's flowery and fruity and spicy - specifically, it smells to me like jasmine with mint and possibly vetiver on top for a sharp green medicinal edge, which continues into a green resinous base. The jasmine is done in such a way that it gives the illusion of candied cherries, while there's a dirty woody element underneath. In total, there's a complex green leading into dirty woods, with the candied cherry jasmine as a counterpoint.

    I've also tried the Satya Sai Baba incense sticks (the common kind in the blue box), which are similar, but smell muskier to me.

    Oddly, no version I've tried actually smells to me like champaca and sandalwood.
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    Default Re: Nag Champa

    My understanding is that Nag Champa is an incense containing a fragrance combining plumeria and sandalwood.

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    Default Re: Nag Champa

    l have some of those Satya Sai Baba incense sticks, & adore the scent.

    Ava Luxe's Nag Champa perfume smells almost exactly the same. l highly recommend it if you're into exploring this note.
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    Default Re: Nag Champa

    Ahh...Satya Sai Baba..the NAG..the scent of my best days...I will always have a box on hand.

    Yup, seems sandalwood and frangipani/plumeria is it..but odd that the plumeria isn't native to India.
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