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    I haven't seen a recent thread on this subject.

    I just finished a Terra Nova Frangipani body butter that I bought on sale and was surely already old when I got it. Frangipani is my favourite scent and this butter had almost no smell to it. I enjoyed the mix of shea butter and coconut butter, though.

    Now I have a Body Shop item I got at T.J. Maxx, a shea body butter scented with Moringa, about which I know nothing, but seems quite pleasant.

    I really do prefer the texture of butter to lotion, or creme or milk, to complete the dairy metaphor. I have only discovered these body butters in recent years.

    Do you suppose body yogurt is next? Or is that a thing already?
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    Hope not. I dislike the yeasty smell of yoghurt when it lingers, so I'd hate a yoghurt body wrap. But I suspect it exists already.

    As for butters, they must feel quite rich now that it's cold and the air is dry. A few years back, I used a l'occitane shea butter that had a rose scent when I went to the pool. But now I simply use whatever the gym provides (plus petroleum jelly if I need protection from the water).


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    I admit not a fan at all, I find they do not rub in very well and you are left with a sticky feeling on the skin. I do remember buying the Body Shop's versions a few times way back. Give me a good body lotion or cream any day.
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