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    Default Re: Hendley Laboratory Series 2019

    I am licking myself
    I hope you're not doing that in public.

    Linden sounds so up my alley that I'm going to have to give it a try. I effing love tomato stem, more than tomato leaf. It's my favorite thing about Ninfeo Mio.
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    Default Re: Hendley Laboratory Series 2019

    Linden was my least favorite but perhaps I need to wear it a few more times.

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    Default Re: Hendley Laboratory Series 2019


    I was not happy with the top. That green does not jive well with narcissus. But after couple of hours it is really nice. The wafts from it are 3-dimensiona (Just like Au Dela)l. Not as good as Au Dela but in the same ballpark. I bet Hendley uses same Narcissus as Bruno. By Monique Remy IIRC

    I found this Hendley series really well made. Felt, Jupiter are immediate buy for me.
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