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    Default Molinard Habanita versions

    _20181129_060054.jpg_20181129_060114.jpg hi,please can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 versions,is one newer,which is the best?

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    Default Re: Molinard Habanita versions

    I own the top picture and bought it in the 90s, there are older versions in a clear glass bottle.

    The box in the bottle picture is the same to the top so look the same to me, will say the same bottle.

    There is a new edp version with a flatter bottle.

    To be honest the batch codes might help say which one is the earlier as that design bottle and box both used for quite a few years.

    Pick whichever one is the best deal for you.

    I get loads of powder from this version and not much of the tobacco note, but that could be my skin bringing out different notes.

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    Default Re: Molinard Habanita versions

    I owned the one in the top picture back in the early 90's. I haven't smelled any recent versions. I remember though, that I loved it. It was deep and rich.
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    Default Re: Molinard Habanita versions

    The modern edp is very good. And a steal at current prices. ClaireV had a great review, and can tell you more about it than I ever could.
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    Default Re: Molinard Habanita versions

    I own the tall black flacon in the first photo. According to http://raidersofthelostscent.blogspo...erday-and.html the tall flacon is from '05-'12. It is very dry, tart, and powdery. Lasts until you scrub it off and the silage is strong, it's a 2 spray fragrance at most, very french and very old fashioned. It's definitely an acquired taste.

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