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    Default Best of the Montblanc Legend Series?

    Legend is a pillar I've mostly avoided (for no real reason other than I haven't taken the time to seek it out). Somehow, I haven't even smelled the original. I know it's a very popular scent and there seem to be a decent number of flankers surrounding it. The only one I've tried is Legend Night, which I like, but not enough to own. But I'd like to maybe pick up a bottle of Legend in one form or another. I've heard some good things about Spirit and Intense.

    So I'm wondering, which version of Legend is the best? In your experience, which do you like the most? Any replies are appreciated, even if you've only smelled a couple.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Best of the Montblanc Legend Series?

    I smelled the original and it was ok during a wearing, sticks to skin well and lasts along time. On clothes it doesnít wear well seems you need to drown in it to get any performance which is odd. After awhile for me the smell of the original became to much and was headache inducing so I wrote that one off. I have read good things about the flankers just never seeked them out curious what others think as well.
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    Default Re: Best of the Montblanc Legend Series?

    It's a casual summer scent to me. I always thought that if worn with a suit or at a formal event it would come across as cheap. Mostly because it has that soft youthful woody vibe that Fierce also carries. I receive compliments with this though, and is a nice fragrance IMO.

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    Default Re: Best of the Montblanc Legend Series?

    I prefer the original although own and like the others.
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    Default Re: Best of the Montblanc Legend Series?

    I like the intense flanker the best. Legend nite is ok as well. But I am fond of abercrombie fierce and thus always inclined to intense. I have a 3rd bottle of it that is how much I like wearing it. Casual as mentioned above. Like tshirt jeans casual during day. At work business casual, I usually use it as a base under shirt and layer grey vetiver on arms and neck.
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    Default Re: Best of the Montblanc Legend Series?

    I prefer the original above Spirit, Intense, and Night. Has that woody green, almost chypre vibe going on, nothing unique or anything, but crowd pleasing.
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    Default Re: Best of the Montblanc Legend Series?

    To be completely honest, I found myself liking the special editions more than any other version. The two that I own (2013, 2014) amped up the right notes for me. Spirit is a very close second.
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