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  • Dislike most of what I sample

    8 25.00%
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    Default Re: Thumbs Up, Neutral, or Thumbs Down? Your Overall Success with Testing

    Most of the many samples I get I either don’t care for, or find them a bit uninteresting. But about 1 of every 10 try’s for me ends up being a winner, and that’s worth it to me! Then comes the hunt/challenge to try and find the best deal for a FB or partial, making sure that everything is legit to the best of my ability. Only on rare occasions have I spent outright full retail on something.

    For me this hobby helps me to learn patience. There are a couple Roja Doves that I would love to have, but not at those prices, so I will continue to search for a trusted used partial, in the price range I’m comfortable at. 3 years and counting though, lol

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    Default Re: Thumbs Up, Neutral, or Thumbs Down? Your Overall Success with Testing

    The 1 through 10 breakdowns are really cool, as for the vetting between like enough for a thumbs up versus liking enough to buy. Super cool.
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    Default Re: Thumbs Up, Neutral, or Thumbs Down? Your Overall Success with Testing

    I would say I dislike about 40%, feel neutral about 50%, and like 10% of the samples I try. The majority of samples I buy or receive only ever get one wear as they are too bad or uninteresting to warrant further attention. The few I enjoy, I will wear 2-3 times to see if I might want to order a bottle. But at this late stage of the game, the only things I buy are things that really wow me, or I’m in the mood to buy something and I buy something cheap and pleasant just to scratch the itch.

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