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    Default Terre d'Hermes, Eau d'Hermes, Patou Pour Homme Heritage

    Here's my swap thread. I'm like an anti-hoarder. If I don't see myself using it, I want it gone. I don't want a large collection, I basically want to end up with a total of a dozen favorites.


    Eau d'Hermes:

    Patou Pour Homme Heritage:

    Earlier dated photos are from my sale thread and they are in a shoebox in my closet since that date. Also have a bottle of Varvatos Dark Rebel I rarely reach for that I may consider throwing into a deal. Hard to do the flashlight test, but conservative 80+%. No box.

    Will to do multiple bottles/all 4 for one I like.

    What I would like:
    - Pretty much any Creed. Preferably one I don't have in my wardrobe, but like the ones I have enough to take a back-up bottle.
    - PdM Carlisle, Percival, either Layton, Herod
    - Heeley Sel Marin
    - I'm like tobacco, so Franck Boclet Tobacco. Maybe Tobacco Oud or Vanille.
    - I don't have any oud fragrances, since Royal Oud doesn't really count as an Oud. My wife broke the sample bottle of Ex Nihilo Midnight Special and the broom she used to sweep up the glass has smelled great for weeks. I know that one is pricey, so maybe something similar to that.

    Not really into ones I can find on the Macy's counter, but open to trying niche fragrances you decided aren't for you just like the ones I have listed just aren't doing it for me.

    I'll leave this here for a few more weeks. I may just put them back in rotation since for some reason I find going to the post office annoying.

    Thanks for looking.
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