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    Default Phthalates Dior & Chanel

    Emailed them both and heard back from Dior pretty quickly that LVMH pledged some years ago to remove all phthalates from all their brands. Chanel passed my email back and forth to different people for a couple weeks, corresponded with me a couple times, and finally just emailed me this morning that they donít use phthalates in any of their fragrances, skincare, or makeup products. For some reason I feel skeptical about Chanel. I had read somewhere else that LVMH had done that. But not Chanel. And since it took them so long to let me know definitively I have some reservations. Can anyone else confirm or dispute their claim? FYI Phthalates have been linked to being endocrine disruptors, especially affecting men. My wife and I are trying to have a baby and I am trying to avoid DEP while still enjoying my fragrances. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Phthalates Dior & Chanel

    Don't know the info you are seeking, but wanted to say I am surprised that they responded to your e-mails with the information you requested.
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    Default Re: Phthalates Dior & Chanel

    Only seeking to know if their fragrances contain phthalates. And I’m kind of surprised too honestly. Even more so that Chanel followed up after weeks and back and forth. Maybe I should trust them, as they could’ve just ignored it. I did explain to them why I wanted to know because they did ask.

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    Default Re: Phthalates Dior & Chanel

    if you want something to worry about, worry about benzyl alcohol and try to avoid it.

    It is very toxic. I hope my fragrances don't contain any.

    Note that its presence will be noted on labels...

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