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    Default Marseille/Aleppo/Castille soaps, Yardley, Mitchells Wool Fat

    Been using a body wash, but think it has been drying me out. Got a bar of Mitchell's Wool Fat to use, thinking it is close to all natural and the lanolin would be moisturizing.

    Saw a Pre de Provence soap, and it also has that big block of Olive Oil Soap. I think an Aleppo soap is the same genre but with laurel oil. Read the ingredients of the American style of Yardley soaps and it has petroleum as an ingredient and some chemicals, almost the same stuff as Irish Springs soap, which I do like. I liked the Yardley and while not overly concerned about its ingredients, was wondering if going away from that and trying to get all natural ingredients might be better. Than again, I know someone who went with an all natural underarm deodarant (Schmitts) to get away from the aluminum in an anti perspirant and then the chemicals in the deodarant, and developed cysts with pus.

    Anyone compare a Mitchell's Wool Fat to the marseille style of soap? Use it on the hair and if so, work okay, leave it oily, or what? Are the smaller, rectangular Pre de Provence bars worth it or just get that big old cube of it.

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    Default Re: Marseille/Aleppo/Castille soaps, Yardley, Mitchells Wool Fat

    I've not tried any of those but I use Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Lavender (I need to try the citrus) in the liquid version but the bar works well too and my skin is very happy!

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