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    Default Indentifying older yatagan

    I am looking for an older bottle of Yatagan. Some boxes that I see which have the long list of ingredients exclude oakmoss and treemoss, while others include them. I would have thought that the ones that include oakmoss and treemoss would be the older bottles, however I have read otherwise. I am not sure which is right, does anyone have any insight? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Indentifying older yatagan

    this is the very first one that come in 1976 has Pour Monsieur


    this are from early 80s no longer has Pour Monsieur


    i believe this come around the 90s


    and this are after 2000s


    Yatagan is one of my favorites and first ever fragrance i purchase in 1978, and is also one of not too many i never worry about vintage or not, reformulated or not it is still the same old in any formulations (with very small here and there reform twists) Caron has done excellent job on this one. i have gone thru all existing type of bottles and currently have only one of the most current bottles from 2014 and i am perfectly happy that i do not need to chase vintage unicorns with Yatagan.
    1976 - Yatagan Caron
    1977 - Snuff by Schiaparelli
    1981 - Kouros YSL
    1988 - Fahrenheit Dior
    1980 - Patou Pour Homme
    1987 - Lapidus Pour Homme
    1981 - Quorum Antonio Puig
    1985 - Derby de Guerlain
    2014 - Dior Homme Parfum
    1987 - Ho Hang Club Balenciaga

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    Default Re: Indentifying older yatagan

    I just came across this earlier this week while researching your precise question. It's an excellent guide to ID'ing Caron perfumes in general: http://raidersofthelostscent.blogspo...umes-1965.html

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    Default Re: Indentifying older yatagan

    Thank you Peter and scentmemory! I appreciate both of your imputs.

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