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Thread: Marigold?

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    Hi what's the best way to re-create marigold note in a perfume? Looked at absolutes, CO2 extracts, etc but they don't seem to really smell like the flower, from what I've read. Thanks.
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    I like plain old Tagetes eo. Diluted to 1% perhaps mixed with tansy or chamomile but definitely the Tagetes

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    Default Re: Marigold?

    Quote Originally Posted by RSG View Post
    I like plain old Tagetes eo. Diluted to 1% perhaps mixed with tansy or chamomile but definitely the Tagetes
    Love tagetes. Tagetes = marigold for sure.

    Marigold is woody, bitter, hay like flower.
    I would`t want to smell LIKE marigold. But, I like the idea of smelling *LIKE THE IDEA of marigold (if you know what I mean). Smelling like an idealized version of marigold. Thats cool! :-)

    Try tagetes with the following;
    iris (ionones)
    tonka bean or coumarin - for sweetness
    carrot seed (be carful use a LITTLE BIT) for complexity and spice
    blue chamomile
    pink lotus - for sweetness and woodiness
    and beeswax absolute - for musk + sweetness

    You could use a little bit of
    1). heliotropin for some cinnamon touch
    2). carnation absolute, or a carnation accord for sweetness/cinammon and florals
    3). plus a little bit of vanillin

    Blend the above materials into an accord and it should result in a dry, hay-like, floral type composition nearing the IDEA of marigold.
    You should likely end up with something that smells like a grass field in the fall, dry, woody and somewhat unfocused (complex).

    Take 1g of the above accord, put it into 9g of hedion.
    Then, take the entire 10g accord and add it to 90g ethanol.

    I think you MIGHT end up with something nearing marigold, hay fields, honey the farm etc.
    OR YOU MIGHT END UP WITH MUD!!!! :-) Because I`m just a beginner. BWAhahahahaha!!!!

    Either way, I hope I gave you some ideas! :-)
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