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    Default Muguet ACs Closest to Lily of the Valley Scent

    I got a fragrance oil from Piping Rock and its pretty amazing, it smells exactly like a lily of the valley flower! Im wondering if you guys have any ideas of what they use? Or have you come across any muguets that have a characteristic that closely resembles the flower? Im sure they use some type of accord, but it seems to me that I may be missing the main ingredient, theirs is so realistic! But with all my exitement to find the compound they use in this, I havn't found any muguet notes that even come close. Do you guys have any ideas? Ive tried lilial, lyral, farnesol, benzyl salicylate, hydroxycitronellal, myrac aldehyde, hedione, cyclamen aldehyde, florhydral, floral ozone, melafleur, phenethyl alcohol, geraniol, undecavertol (this was the closest out of them)

    Maybe I just need to make the right accord, which I can do, I havnt tried many variations so far, but I just feel a little dissapointed in the notes ive tried. Most are so watery and really not very close to real muguet.

    Ill try a few accords when I get home, but I suppose Ill post just to for the sake of it, do you have any muguet ACs that really impressed you?

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    Default Re: Muguet ACs Closest to Lily of the Valley Scent

    Just like all other natural reconstructions, there is not just one molecule that is the answer. It's always several to many molecules to accomplish the goal.
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