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    Default Re: Other Masterpiece from Amouage ?

    Quote Originally Posted by augustya View Post
    Trust Me ! I have a Full Bottle of Kouros lying in my Wardrobe which I have purchased since 2011 and yet I have still not been able to finish the Juice. It does not anymore have the element of uniqueness for me. It is one of the Most Potent Fragrance Bomb I have come across, which doesn't seem to fade away once you have applied. All that is True. But is very Boring once you wear it a couple of times. You brain gets bored very soon with Kouros !!
    All this is not 'true', it's your opinion... and it's off topic to this thread, but since you are the OP...

    I totally disagree and there are others who will too. Kouros has stood the test of time and remains a bestseller for YSL today. If you find it to be too much, spray less or wear it in a different season, another climate, etc. It's my most complimented scent of 2018 second to none and all this from 2-3 sprays at most. Each to their own I guess and again highly irrelevant to what this thread is about...
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    Default Re: Other Masterpiece from Amouage ?

    IMO Jubilation Man is up there among Amouage’s best.

    Kouros isn’t something to be scoffed at. It can be a polarising scent for some due to the animalic association especially with vintage formulas but I also have a more recent botte that I find a very good wear. 2 or 3 sprays and you’re good for the day. Heat/ humidity or lack thereof will probably affect the way you perceive the fragrance. Just something to keep in mind. I don’t find Kouros boring in the least.
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    Default Re: Other Masterpiece from Amouage ?

    The main ones I've enjoyed from Amouage is Interlude Man, Dia Man, and Opus VI.

    Honour Man - boring peppery frag. yawn.
    Epic Man - screechy synth woody opening/base note to it.
    Lyric Man - Wasn't bad, but wasn't real interesting either. Eh.
    Lyric Woman Extrait - Pretty good, I liked this one, but apparently wasn't enough to keep it.
    Memoir Woman Extrait - similar to LWExtrait in that it was pretty good, reminded me of like... purple candy or something. Didn't keep it either.
    Jubilation XXV - It wasn't bad, but wasn't worth the hype it's received to me. Pleasant though.
    Reflection Man - Again, pleasant, but not worth the hype to me. Prefer Le Male over this.
    Not sure how many other ones I've tried.
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    Default Re: Other Masterpiece from Amouage ?

    Anything guys in Xerjoff or Orto Parisi that you guys find interesting?

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