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    Default Touch by Fred Hayman reformulated?

    The recently revived Rainbath thread put me back in the mood for this fragrance so I checked my inventory and realized I only have a bottle and a half left. I happened to check the reviews on here and noticed one review got updated to say the new bottles of it with the silver cap do not smell the same. Rainbath smell *gone*! No!!!!!!! That royally sucks!

    Not that I doubt Jon_Remy's comments (he actually said the "Brut" smell is gone but I took that as Rainbath,) but I am curious if anyone else has tried the new formulation and thoughts on it. I've seen a few reviews on various sites saying it smells nothing line Rainbath so I'm guessing they got the new formation.

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    Default Re: Touch by Fred Hayman reformulated?

    Not sure when any "new formulation" came out, but I got this frag on eBay a couple years ago, and the scent was good but the performance was zero.

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