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    I recently stumbled onto these Amber Balls from L'Artisan Parfumeur. Has anyone used these before? Do they really last up to 2 years? Any experiences either good or bad to share?

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    l've been coveting one of these for a long time, but they're so expensive!

    l'd like to know the answers to these questions too, so l'll be watching for responses. Welcome to basenotes!
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    I have not tried the l'artisan ones. I have tried similar objects from other brands. Two years sounds right if kept in enclosed spaces (like a drawer). If in open spaces and near air sources, heat, etc., it might be an over-estimate.

    The prices are very high, one is paying for the carved balls. Other brands where I have seen similar objects (though they may no longer be sold) include Diptyque, Parfums de Nicolai, Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella, Farmacia SS Annunziata.

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    Are you asking for the scent or for the display style? I never scented them, but I like the ball display. Kind of cute, but pricey for a glorified display. You can buy ambergis online yourself and keep them in drawers . Look on ebay for musk cube or musk crystals. I sell both of these musks online and if you are really into perfumes, you can make some solid perfumes in your spare time with beeswax or other formulations with whatever scent you wish.

    Thanks for the link, I will find some craftmakers and have some such balls custom made to add to my inventory. Uncut, strong and rich body oils and perfumes. Great impressions of fine fragrances.

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    Default Re: Amber Balls

    What is the advantage of one of these?
    They seem very expensive for what it is.

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    Luxury perhaps? A Rolex does the same thing that a wall clock does .. just more expensively .

    Its cute but as mentioned above, expensive. I have been trying to do something crafty and finally got some time to do it . I uploaded youtube video for the curios minds.

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