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    Lightbulb New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed


    As the title indicates, i'm a new perfume enthousiast trying to put together a very small collection.
    To put things into perspective, i'm a 27 yo male living in a country where there's a lot of fake perfume and good quality is not easily accessible nor affordable, so i'm looking to BLIND BUY online, solely based on good reviews i've read, and on previously liked perfume notes.. so i'm going for some low prive perfumes only.

    I'll be using these daily in a professional setting, but i also would like any good suggestions about your favorite for romantic encounters ?

    To cut to the chase, the ones that I'm contemplating are in the following list only

    Davidoff Cool Water ( I love freshness )
    Calvin Klein CK ONE SHOCK ( I like tobacco scents)
    Perry Ellis 360 red
    Nautica Voyage ( Is it necessary next to Davidoff's ?)

    Cuba GOLD and Cuba PRESTIGE (Cheap knockoffs of well established scents)

    Al Rehab Silver
    Lalique Encre Noire ( I read that it's a Love or Hate fragrance ? )

    I'd like to add that I an a people pleaser and I love receiving compliments.
    Any advice would be highly appreciated
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    You've a good selection to start with. I'd highly recommend searching Basenotes for "best cheapies", as there are a few threads listing reasonable cost fragrances that are also considered to smell good, be people pleasers, and have acceptable performance.

    Also search Rasasi and Armaf in Basenotes. A new enthusiast could amass a VERY good collection with these houses.


    -Al Wisam Day, as an exceptional alternative to Creed's Silver Mountain Water.

    -Tres Nuit, as a very good likeness of Green Irish Tweed (all in the Cool Water family)Rasasi offers one that's near identical to GIT.

    -Woody by Rasasi, an easy introduction to a true vetiver (Haitian) scent that includes other woods and makes for an exceptional fragrance that can compete well above its price point.

    -The house of Guerlain offers several fragrances which can be found at affordable prices, offer great value and have heritage.

    -if you are VERY interested in Encre Noir, I'd recommend starting with Encre Noir Sport as it's an easier introduction and arguably more liked by the general public.

    -This next suggestion won't get a ton of backing here, but don't be afraid to try Avon products if you have easy access to them. They offer nice some nice smelling items but it's not considered here generally as "prestigious".

    -Sample as much as possible before blind buying. That will lead you find what you really like and help prevent some buyer's remorse.

    -finally... Trust YOUR nose. It doesn't matter if some internet guy named Diddy with over 4,000 posts says something smells good. What matters is if YOU like it. Tastes are very different across the globe. Your nose has been communicating with your brain your whole life, so trust it.
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    In my opinion, if you like Cool Water, see if you can order Belcam Blue Depths online. Its a quality cool water impression and longer lasting, with a deeper drydown thnn current Cool Water. It's super inexpensive also. If you want better quality, try to score an inexpensive decant of Green Irish Tweed.
    I would suggest Reyane Tradition Wild, or Bogart Pour Homme over Shock for a cherry tobacco kind of cologne. On me Shock is discusting and smells like fake sweetness, like sweet&low sugar substitute. But none of those, Shock, or the two I mentioned, would be big people pleasers to me. Real People pleasers are usually lighter, fresh, citrus, woody colognes.
    360 Red is a really good freshie. Some claim reformulation with current bottles, but mine is just a few years old and my son loves it. I can smell it on him for 8 hours.
    Although I dont really like it, Nautica Voyage a good fresh scent. It smells like cucumbers in cold fresh water to me, very different from 360 Red.
    If you just want a small collection to smell good and stay in a tight budget, you are definitely headed in the right direction.

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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Welcome to you AmineKing! Enjoy your time here at Basenotes! Cool Water in your list of those you are considering would be a good option IMO.
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed


    In your list, my favorite is Encre Noire. Fresh because of the vetiver, but also with some woods in the background.


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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Welcome! Would also consider, from your list:

    Calvin Klein CK ONE SHOCK
    Perry Ellis 360 Red
    Al Rehab Silver
    Lalique Encre Noire

    While among other possible options worth some (re) testing, in no particular order:

    Burberry London for Men, Guerlain LIDGE, Zara Tobacco Collection-more precisely, the so far two fragrances the Tobacco Collection range includes, Mugler Cologne, Chopard Noble Vetiver, Zara Vetiver, Azzaro Visit and Bright Visit, Eau des Baux, just to name a few

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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    I would go with CK One Shock.
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Cool Water would be a good choice from your list.
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Out of the ones mentioned I would go with 360 Red. Seems to always get positive reaction from people I'm around. I also like Nautica voyage but I feel like it isn't necessarily one I would reach for in a romantic setting

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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Thanks for your responses.
    The reason I'm going for many different notes is that I'm still trying to discover my taste in perfumes

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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    With a rating of 4.2/5 with 5266 votes on Fragrantica, I wouldn't call Encre Noire a love/hate fragrance as it is well loved.
    Go for it!
    Looking for:
    Hermessence Cuir D'Ange
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    From the ones on your list, I would probably go for Nautica Voyage.
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    In my opinion original Encre Noire is not best idea for blind buy, but if you want it, i would recommend to go with extreme version it is lighter than original one( the "ink" note is toned down).
    Also from low price range i would recommend Montblanc Individuel as all around versatile fragrance.

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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    I say Cool Water. It does not smell bad to anybody.
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Cool Water

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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Taking into account your stated requirements, I would go with CK One Shock and Nautica Voyage.
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    Default Re: New fragrance enthousiast. Advice needed

    Welcome to Basenotes!! Great to have you

    Yes, have a couple on hand, and Cool Water is very pleasant. Adding +1 to Ck Shock...great many people "shocked" at the quality of the juice given the gaudy bottle.

    Deeper masculine just for some variety in the professional scene: Chanel Egoist is a classic, a little pricey well worth it, and I've just purchased Guerlain Heritage EDP, incredible masculine.

    Encre Noir is so good but others have a good tip: try the Intense or the Sport. In the end, all are top notch.

    Nobody says a lot about the Mont Blanc house but Individuel is a very people pleasing frag. They also make what I absolutely love: MB Legend... Almost replica of a collegiate frag called Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch... Compliments all over.

    Boss Bottled Intense I mention because I never went through the roof about it...very nice, apple pie vibe which every time I wear it I get complimented walking through the door.
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