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    Default AllSaints fragrances

    As a big fan of their clothing, I am looking forward to smelling their three new offerings-,any/size,any/

    Anyone smelt these yet?

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    Default Re: AllSaints fragrances

    Thanks for highlighting this - I wasn't even aware that they're releasing fragrances. I'm also a big fan of their clothing.

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    Default Re: AllSaints fragrances

    AllSaints should get together with True Religion. who has a fragrance line I think.

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    Default Re: AllSaints fragrances

    Wasn't aware of these either.
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    Default Re: AllSaints fragrances

    Anyone tried these three yet?

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    Default Re: AllSaints fragrances

    Had these on the splits a while back, my impressions were:

    Quote Originally Posted by Palmolive View Post
    All Saints - Sunset Riot
    Addictive, explosive, amber. Sunset Riot, a woody floral fragrance, is part of our new unisex fragrance collection. The key note is pink pepper, offering a tingling floral and rose scent. Orange flower's citrus kick gives a lightly punchy and fresh edge, whilst base notes of cedarwood complete the perfume with a richly warm and earthy finish that balances the coolness of orange flower. Review:

    You can easily pick out each accord thats listed above and is its own scent as the note combination is quite interestingly structured and bears a resemblance to a small slice of BR540. Opens huge but quickly dials back which is a down point. Complexity is this ones key feature as each accord is flipped through during its performance and is quite interesting to wear aside from the unmentioned shampoo accord thats hidden between the mids and base and pops out every now and then to remind you it was made on a budget.

    All Saints - Metal Wave
    Unexpected, layered, musk. Metal Wave is a musky and oriental scent, forming part of our new unisex fragrance collection. The key note is crisp and fresh juniper berry, contrasting with the dry and woody base layer of papyrus wood. Magnolia fuses the two together with it's sweet, citrus-honey scent, adding a tinge of sweetness. Review:

    The papyrus is dry and prominent with a tinge of cedar vibes, this one is heavy on the woody aspects and very mildly sweetened. Slight vibes of Bentley Absolute in the base thanks to the notes they share but this is overall a better scent as it doesn’t have the pencil shavings vibe going on that some don’t like. Drydown is very sexy and perfect for intimate encounters due to how it wears as it smells seductive.

    All Saints - Incense City
    Provocative, hedonistic, oriental. Part of our new unisex fragrance collection, Incense City is blended from the key note of cypress, offering a calming, fresh scent contrasted by the woody musk of cedarwood. Incense forms the base note, offering a lightly peppered and smoky fragrance for a unique and long-lasting signature. Review:

    If you enjoyed the CdG Incense collection split from a while back you’ll be smiling at this one as its cut from the same cloth and has a similarly austere yet mellow vibe which is quite moreish and inviting. The smokey cedar drydown is simply delicious! Quite a simple. mostly linear composition.

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