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    Default How to Remove "Currently Wearing" banner from each post?

    How can I remove the "Currently Wearing" listed fragrance on each of my posts. I've tried to remove it in the Directory for that fragrance and also by clicking the link itself on each post. No luck. The fragrance listed as currently wearing on each post is one I've only worn a couple times, but can not remove this notice from each post I put on the site. Help!

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    Default Re: How to Remove "Currently Wearing" banner from each post?

    If you want this and any other SOTD gone entirely now and going forward:

    Settings (next to Wardrobe) > My Settings > Edit Profile > change "Show SOTD in Posts" from Yes to No in drop-down (make sure to save changes at bottom)

    If you just want a different fragrance shown, select another one as your SOTD.

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