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    Default Seeing which of your own reviews received "Likes"

    Does anyone know if there is a way to see which reviews that you have written were "liked" (if any, haha) using the heart icon button on reviews? Maybe I missed it.

    I'm aware that I can see which reviews I have "liked" myself but cannot seem to find which of my reviews were "liked" by others. I don't care who liked them but I feel like if I knew which reviews were liked more than others, I could adjust my reviews to include better info or a more useful format. Not sure if this feature is available but just a thought.
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    Default Re: Seeing which of your own reviews received "Likes"

    l don't think you can, probably because it was decided that it might turn into a popularity contest, although there is a list of "most liked reviewers" on the review page!

    Your point about using the information to adjust your reviewing style is one l hadn't thought of, & l can see why it might be useful. But l think it's great that we have such a variety of reviewing styles here, so l would encourage you to develop your own style, regardless of whether or not others seem to like it.

    The main reason l write reviews is so that l have an easy reference to my own thoughts on a fragrance, when discussing or making recommendations in the forums, for example. lf my reviews are useful or interesting to others, then that's an extra added bonus!
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