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    Default Zoologist Shaving Soap?

    I know a lot of people like Zoologist fragrances, but I'm a bit on the fence with them on the whole. Last time I went to Twisted Lily I tried quite a few of them that I'd not experienced previously, and the few that stood out from the ones I tried were Tyrannosaurus Rex, Hyrax, Civet, and Camel. That being said, I'm not sure how I'd feel shaving with some of the scents, but I imagine that there'd be a lot of people that would! As a traditional wet shaver*, I've got to admit that there's something intriguing about their recent shaving soap collaboration release with Chiseled Face. Has anyone tried them? Personally I'm not a fan of tallow based soaps though so I don't think I'll be trying any over here, but I'm curious to hear peoples thoughts. Apparently there are only 80 jars made of each.

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    *Just so there is no confusion with my Basenotes name, I shave my head so "Hat and Beard" is still accurate

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    Default Re: Zoologist Shaving Soap?

    I am heavily into wet shaving and use mostly straight razors and a wide selection of horse and various levels of badger brushes, from the cheapest to finest available. I also use a wide range of soaps. Wet shaving is as bad a hobby as fragrances! The Chiseled Face/Zoologist shave soaps are of top quality in every regard and work well with any brush/razor. The fragrances provide an enjoyable shave yet don't linger after so they don't interfere with other scented products. The scents are as found in the perfumes, the real deal and the presentation is over the top. I have the soap in Civet and Panda. I am a Zoologist fan and have most of their fragrances... If they ever release the soap in Hyrax or Trex caution would be advised.

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    Default Re: Zoologist Shaving Soap?

    You're missing one... The very first release which was Rhinoceros (Ron needs to make more as I'm running low...). I have Rhino, Panda, Civet, Nightingale, and Macaque myself. The scents are pretty spot on, tallow lover or not Ron's base is excellent, and the packaging is in keeping with the finest perfume houses presentation. I kind of can't believe I missed the last two (Camel and Hummingbird) releases!

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